On December 5, 2016, one day after my daughter’s, second birthday, she was diagnosed with (a malignant brain cancer) in the back of her head (in the cerebellum that controls balance, coordination, and other complex functions) which was touching her brain stem.

But, let me take you back four weeks, prior to that horrific day, and share with you what lead to this dreadful, life changing, diagnosis for our family.   Teagan (aka "Sweet Tea"), had been vomiting bile in her crib during the night for almost four weeks. At first, doctor’s thought she had nasal drip and then two weeks later they thought it might be acid reflux. As time progressed, exhaustion set in from showering Teagan two to three times a day, and doing laundry daily for her sheets.  As you can imagine, Sweet Tea was exhausted. And of course, we were too.  On the morning of her birthday party, I took her in again to a new Doctor, since it was a Sunday and her normal pediatrician wasn’t available.  As we were leaving, this new Doctor mentioned, “that sometimes when there is vomiting and loss of balance this can sometimes indicate a brain tumor”.  Every hair on my body stood on end while I was making a follow-up appointment and I left the office even more confused, and frustrated.

12/4/2016-  In the afternoon Teagan was the star of the show at her Elmo themed party that included mostly family.  She was a trooper at keeping up with her party, although she was noticeably clingier and had little energy.  She began throwing up again shortly after the party and once again at 2am.  After getting Teagan settled again that night, I found it impossible to sleep—I laid back in bed and could not get the “brain tumor” conversation out of my head.  I got up and emailed our Pediatrician in the middle of the night with my momentous concern.