Hundreds of Forgettable Wednesdays -April 2017

One of my biggest supporters throughout this journey has been my sister Meghan.  Although more than 3,000 miles separate us, since she is in South Carolina, she is somehow at my side 24/7.  Following is a post she made that touched me to the core.

4/18/2017-I just finished listening to a beautiful, “On Being” podcast with Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant, in which psychologist Adam Grant discusses what the data shows in regards to what matters for how much happiness we find in our lives. He describes how it is ‘not actually the big moments that matter most. It’s what Tim Urban, the blogger, says is the joy you find on hundreds of forgettable Wednesdays…it’s actually those daily moments of joy that really matter.’  In reflecting on the tragic loss of her husband, Sheryl Sandberg shared how hard it is to rediscover joy when something horrible happens that turns your life upside down.

Over the past five months I have watched Tate suffer immensely as her life has been turned upside down. Nonetheless, recently I have seen her find joy in the small daily moments. Joy in the cheer that Teagan created to celebrate her last day of round five of chemotherapy (Oh yeah!). Joy in Teagan’s determination to repeatedly remove her annoying feeding tube. Joy in a soft kiss on the cheek before bed. As Sheryl Sandberg says in the podcast, ‘those little moments add up – and not just to moments of happiness, but to strength.

I am amazed at how much more present and more loving my sister has become. And I am not surprised, though still dumbfounded, by her strength.  And, the only thing getting me through this is that I’ve seen her get through this. We ended our conversation last night with Tate sharing that there are three things she is holding on to right now. First, there is always hope. Second, you always have a choice (in your attitude and outlook on a situation). And third, miracles happen. This pithy wisdom humbled me.

To many more (un)forgettable Wednesdays…