First week of radiation-6/24/17

Teagan has successfully gotten through her first 7 full days of radiation. So far, she is not experiencing any nausea or side effects that we can see, short of her waking up angry sometimes from anesthesia. How long she sleeps after anesthesia determines if she wakes up angry and screaming for donuts (or food). Friday, she woke right away, and the nurse had to take the stroller out to the car for me as I was wrangling Teagan into the car while she screamed "donuts"! Thankfully Teagan has gained back a ton of strength following chemotherapy.

The Radiologist tells us that after two weeks her energy level will likely drop, and we may see other side effects, but we are enjoying every moment right now without such. Teagan's silly personality is radiating and her and her brother are getting to play together for extended amounts of time with both participating in play for the first time in a long while! It is so relieving and healing to see this! I'm always telling Jeff about all the miracles I see and he tells me "everything is a miracle" in your world! I must agree as I am just so thankful for every day I get to be with both kids and they get to play together. Having had our lives change overnight, has me holding on to every moment. I'll take this new appreciation for life as a win-win!